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Dental implants, the future of cosmetic dentistry

Dental implants are gaining popularity as the preferred method of tooth restoration. Since its introduction more than 25 years ago, many people have tried it out with family dentist. The general response of people who have had dental implants fixed is majorly positive. Dental implants are popular due to the convenience they offer. They look and feel like real teeth! Another factor is the fact that it is permanent. No need to keep on removing them like dentures. It seems that the advantages offered by implants are going to outweigh the benefit/ convenience of dental implants and will soon replace them. Here are some of the factors that make dental implants so desirable:

Dental implants are permanent

This is the major distinction between dental implants and other methods of tooth restoration. Unlike dentures which you have to keep on removing time and again, these implants are not removable. This makes them a very good option in cosmetic dentistry/ tooth restoration. What makes the implants permanent is the way they are fixed/ implanted. A small piece of titanium metal is drilled into your jaw. This titanium is fixed onto a restoration tooth and holds it in place. As the bone heals, the piece of titanium sinks deeper into the bone until it is completely fused. This way, the restoration tooth is firmly fixed into a gap and hence becomes permanent.

They look and feel like real teeth

Usually, one can spot a fake tooth from a mile away. This is because the common dentures used are conspicuous among the other teeth. Most dentures will not be the same color as regular teeth. There is also the issue of the shape of the dentures not being consistent with the other real teeth. Dental implants on the other hand can be specifically mixed into the color of your teeth. This makes them inconspicuous among real teeth. A restoration tooth fixed by a dental implant is almost impossible to spot. It is for this reason that your cosmetic dentist will probably recommend implants for cosmetic purposes. Most people even forget that they have a fake tooth since they fit in so well.

Implants are very convenient

Dentures can slip while eating and prove to be very cumbersome. They also need regular removal for example when going to sleep. This makes dentures very inconvenient. A denture can also facilitate oral diseases and infections since it is loose and allows food and debris which might have bacteria to get stuck in the mouth. For dental implants, you will only have to worry about them once. After being implanted, it will take a maximum of 12 weeks to heal completely.

They are very durable

People who have dentures can attest to the fact that dentures need replacement every once in a while. This is because they are more prone to wearing out than the restoration tooth used in dental implants procedures. Dental implants can last up to a lifetime. This will require you to observe good dental hygiene habits i.e. Flossing, regular brushing and visiting your dentist.